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Category: Thoughts

Broadway Oyster Bar/blues club in St. Louis (and a side story about Babe & Ricky’s in L.A.)

Last night at around 8pm we showed up at the Broadway Oyster Bar (over near the Soulard area of St. Louis). We drove past the place earlier in the day when we were exploring and it had the right look. Inside had the right look too–nice bar, small tables, funky…

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Today I Just Worked

Today, I just worked all day and didn't do anything very fun or interesting. I drove up the hill to make some phone calls (yay, cell service!) then drove back down the hill to get the printer out and print some DMV forms to fill out and mail. I went…

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What is it with all these grown men who walk right through the middle of people’s campsites??

These two older men who are camped in RVs several spots over from each other keep walking right through our campsite to visit. Separately, together…it's apparently their preferred path. After about the sixth time they did it this morning, I said something to Kevin like "Dude, really? The woman with…