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Boring Work Days in the Airstream

Yesterday and today are not the kinds of days I'd usually blog about, because (1) we didn't do anything very exciting, (2) we didn't go anywhere cool, and (3) there was nothing to take pictures of that I haven't already shown you.

But I'm going to blog about it anyway, in the spirit of making sure you know that it's not always fun and games around here. 🙂

We got up early and I made us a quick breakfast and cappuccino before I took Kevin to Miami International Airport (during morning rush hour in Miami) so he could catch his flight to San Jose. You know, the San Jose, California that's on the other side of the country now. So he had a full day of travel ahead of him for a business trip. It took us about an hour fifteen to get to the airport.

On the way home the truck's GPS was apparently not so up-to-date on all the construction and I got "lost" and rerouted several times before getting back to the Airstream 45 minutes later.

I spent the morning and early afternoon working and got to the point where I needed to set up the new mobile printer we picked up in Texas so I could print a few invoices that I needed to mail (one for a photo shoot, one for licensing fees for a book cover shot) and also take care of that DMV form I needed to print/fill out/send regarding the license plate swap from our old truck to the new truck. Anyway, I got the little printer all set up only to find that it did not come with a printer cable. Bah!


I found a Best Buy that was just a couple miles from here and decided I'd go get a printer cable and hit the grocery store while I was out. I gathered up the laundry and stopped at the campground laundry room to stick a load in to wash while I was gone (efficient!) When I got to Best Buy, they only had one cable. It was 15 feet long, and $34.99. Really? The guy helping me eventually was able to locate an "open package" returned cable that was 6 feet long and $15. Better. I also picked up the first four seasons of Breaking Bad so we can amuse ourselves rewatching them before the last half of the last season airs next summer.

Next, I headed a few doors down to the Winn Dixie and picked up some stuff we were out of (milk, eggs, veggies, toothpaste) and got some quarters so I could dry the clothes that I'd put in the washer. (I'd managed to scrounge the $1.50 in quarters for the washer from the bottom of my purse and the cup holder in the truck.)

I was back at the Airstream by about 4pm and I got the little printer going and it worked great. It's a Pixma iP100 and so far it's perfect. Tiny, and it prints super fast. Also, I used an app that I'm loving these days called Genius Scan to "make copies" of a few documents with my iPhone. The app lets you take a photo of a document, saves that photo'd document as a PDF, and then you can print it or email it and it does a super job. I "photocopied" some documents I needed to send by photographing them with this app, saving as PDFs, emailing them to myself from my iPhone, and printing them on the new printer. It wasn't clunky at all, actually. It's a great addition to our mobile (almost paperless) office. Oh yeah, and the app is free.

I got all the paperwork ready to mail, finished the laundry, did a little vacuuming (where are those ants coming from??) did some cleaning, made some chicken salad for dinner, and then finished up a bunch more work. It was pretty late before I got in bed and read for about an hour. 

More of the same today, only I'm about to do a workout here in a minute in the nice air conditioned Airstream gym (it's raining hard outside, 91 degrees, 80% humidity, but inside it's 72 degrees and 34% humidity). Oh yeah, and after I wrote the majority of this post, my blog tab crashed and I lost it and had to do it all over again. See? 

I'm not complaining…at all. Days like these make way for days with blog posts and pictures of cool and exciting new places.

(Posted by Laura)