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Category: Thoughts

Filet-O-Fish® and Portrait Photography

Yesterday on our way to pick up some groceries in Port Townsend, we walked past a McDonald’s. In the window was a large poster advertising the Filet-O-Fish® sandwich, two bucks on Fridays. Admittedly, I’m not the target demographic for McDonald's (at all), but I was mesmerized by this photograph. I…

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Do What You Love

We're at home now for a few days before heading back out for more Airstreaming. I'm standing here at my desk (actually, I'm standing on the trampoline in front of my standing desk), and hanging on the wall to my right is a thing that I love and wanted to…

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Wand’rly Magazine

If you guys don't know Wand'rly Magazine, you should. Their current issue is about Airstreams, and the feature article "Living in an Airstream" features us and several of our friends: Tiffani & Deke (Weaselmouth), Kyle Bolstad (Where Is Kyle Now?), Leigh & Brian (Aluminarium) (as well as a link to…