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Happy Holidays!

Wishing everyone a happy day, and another year of enjoying whatever it is that you love to do. -Laura & Kevin

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I was tired of having that canister of bear spray at the top of the blog, so here's a pretty picture of water instead: This is from late December, after Christmas, when we were cruising the back side of San Juan Island with our friends Jake and Patti, looking for…


Bear Spray

We purchased a can of bear spray to take with us on our trip up to Alaska recently via, and I have to share what is likely the best review of bear spray ever. I may or may not have purchased this bear spray based solely on this review:…


Filet-O-Fish® and Portrait Photography

Yesterday on our way to pick up some groceries in Port Townsend, we walked past a McDonald’s. In the window was a large poster advertising the Filet-O-Fish® sandwich, two bucks on Fridays. Admittedly, I’m not the target demographic for McDonald's (at all), but I was mesmerized by this photograph. I…

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San Antonio to Portland, and the Woman’s Club of San Antonio

Kevin's mom is a member of the Woman's Club of San Antonio, and before we left she wanted to take us by to show us this interior of beautiful building. The Woman's Club has been here in the Woodward House since 1926.  This 2 1/2-story Neo-Classical revival home was designed…

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I'm trying to get myself to use Instagram more, and one of the things I just did while using it more was that I changed my handle from @rivetedblog to @rivetedlaura. This means that if you followed @rivetedblog in the past, I think you'll need to refollow me/us (mostly it's…

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Surface Vibrations: Coffee

This is pretty nerdy, but whatever…I love these. This is Kevin's coffee during our flight to Venice a few weeks ago. I think I took five of these videos. Here are my two favorites: Related articles Venice, Italy – Day 1 Venice to Florence Video Tour

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New Riveted Cards

I designed some new cards for us that match the look of our website better than our old mini-cards did (plus, bigger type, easier to read). What do you guys think? We meet so many interesting people when we're traveling and it's great to have cards like this with us so…

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