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Bear Spray


We purchased a can of bear spray to take with us on our trip up to Alaska recently via, and I have to share what is likely the best review of bear spray ever. I may or may not have purchased this bear spray based solely on this review:

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        By PatriotEd on June 22, 2013

No opportunity to try it on a real bear – thankfully. But a friend of mine tried it on his brother-in-law during a camping trip. His brother-in-law was drinking and got obnoxious. He threatened to kick my friend's ass. My friend is an average size guy but his brother-in-law is huge and burly. He is as big as a bear and nearly as strong. This stuff worked on him big time. It put him out of commission so fast, from at least 15 – 20 feet away, that it scared the hell out of everyone. He was in real pain and could hardly breath. He was on the ground instantly and crying in agony from the pain. And that was from just one blast of this stuff. The concern was that it would kill him, but he recovered just fine, but it took a while. When he finally recovered he asked for the bear spray. My friend wisely refused to give it to him so he told my friend that someday he would kill him for doing that. Man did that ever sober him up. Whew!! He was major pissed off about it. He's calmed down some since then but he is still plenty pissed off about it. Now my friend's wife is divorcing him over the incident. I guess she would have preferred that her husband got his ass kicked instead. That is one hell of a way to find out that this stuff really works but hey, you do what you got to do. Anyway, after that I ordered some of this stuff for me and my wife. I have guns but I want this stuff as our first line of self-defense. If we ever run across a bear or other wild critter, hey, we'll be ready for that to. Just don't sneak up on your wife or piss her off when she has this stuff within arms reach. LOL 


  1. Betty Betty

    I think these are some of the best photos you’ve ever posted – just outstanding!

  2. Kevin McLaughlin Kevin McLaughlin

    Caption: Alien mothership hovers over Roche Harbor while making dinner reservations at McMillins

  3. You’re making me homesick! I grew up in the Skagit Valley and flew in the San Juans. I’m looking forward to following your trip to Alaska.

    • Thanks John! What did you fly in the San Juans?

      • I learned to fly at Bayview in Burlington and flew into nearly all of the strips in the San Juan. One of my instructors had the mail contract for the San Juans at the time.

  4. Nancy Nancy

    Gorgeous photos!

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