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The Flies in Texas

The flies here are SO aggressive. I've become obsessed with our zap racquet.


We keep the screen door closed and STILL there are 5-6 flies in here at all times. Then (!!!) the other day, I saw one enormous fly up in the skylight in the hallway by the shower. I tried to get him with the zap racquet but he'd only move around while safely tucked in that little nook above the accordion slider shade so I couldn't reach him with my weapon and if I got too close, he'd just go back over the lip of the skylight and into the ceiling. I could tell…this fly was the Boss Fly. I went back and continued after the smaller, faster, more aggressive flies and finally got most of them.

Yesterday morning, I saw the giant Boss Fly come out of the ceiling and walk slowly over to the edge of the skylight, taunting me once more. I very slowly closed the accordion shade, locking him out of his ceiling lair. I laid the zap racquet flat over the top of him, but the lip on the edge of the skylight made it so the zapping surface could not touch the Boss Fly, so I had to wait him out. He'd move horizontally under the zap field, I'd follow him with the racquet, keeping him trapped and close to the electrified field of my weapon. Finally my patience paid off. He made one wrong move, sparks flew, and the Boss Fly fried. 

Level up!!