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And I Don’t Even Have Proof

Sometime in the middle of the night last night, there began a fantastic storm. The lightning was what woke me up…flashing right through my eyelids. I got up to refill my water glass. Flash. Flash. Flash. The bursts were no more then 10 seconds apart, accompanied by loud low rumbling thunder. I sat down at the dinette and opened the curtains to watch.

After about an hour I went back to grab my iPhone to see if I could capture some of the drama, and I did, but then when I was deleting the bad takes, I accidentally deleted the good one, too. Twice I did this. So much for my 3am camera skills.


I dragged myself back to bed several hours later, after about the 84th "That was a HUGE one!!! Okay just one more big flash and then I'll go to bed." I was like a lightning junkie.

This lightning was the kind of lightning that electrified the entire sky with a giant flash of white that ruined your night vision for a while. It was the kind of lightning that burned its jagged line designs into your retinas so that the next several strikes, you'd think you were seeing black lightning along with the white. It was the kind of lightning that made me feel like I'd never seen lightning before. 

It was awesome.

(Posted by Laura)