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Tag: road trip

Last Day in Victoria

We had some breakfast and did some work this morning before it was checkout time at Westbay Marine Village in Victoria. Since we're on the 7:30pm ferry tonight to Port Angeles, we had a bit of time to kill. (Long story, but the basic deal is: make reservations more than…

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Hiking Maligne Canyon

This morning Kevin and I headed over to do the Maligne Canyon hike (pronounced mah-leen). We started down at the trailhead at the Sixth Bridge and hiked up to the main trailhead (about 4.5 miles round trip). Somewhere around the Fifth Bridge the canyon starts to get all canyoney and the…

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Houses Are Big

Yesterday we headed to Portland from our last night's stay at Maryhill State Park. It was just a two hour drive and let us get into Portland with plenty of time to unpack, clean up the Airstream and get it ready for our next trip. I love coming into Portland…

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Home Stretch!

We worked this morning for a while in Spokane and then hit the road. We figured we'd decide while we were on the road how far we wanted to go — whether we wanted to drive all the way home (just under 6 hours) or if we wanted to stop…


Exploring Spokane

Okay well that might be a misleading title. We explored a very small area while we bolted into town for an hour and a half to have lunch and take some photos in between the pile of work we had/have to do today and between two of Kevin's conference calls.…

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