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Hiking Maligne Canyon


This morning Kevin and I headed over to do the Maligne Canyon hike (pronounced mah-leen). We started down at the trailhead at the Sixth Bridge and hiked up to the main trailhead (about 4.5 miles round trip).


Somewhere around the Fifth Bridge the canyon starts to get all canyoney and the trail is rocky and sometimes a little steep. Gorgeous hike.




It's tough to get a photograph of the depth of the canyon that conveys how it feels to stand on one of the six bridges over it. It's super deep (160 feet at some places) and it's bright outside and dark in the canyon. Even HDR is tough. You'll just have to go there. 🙂


Canyon shadow self portrait:


We took a slightly different path back to the Sixth Bridge trailhead. Nice view:


Tree bark art:


Tonight is our last night in Jasper. I think we're all going out to dinner in town, and Kevin and I are trying to figure out which path we'll take back to Portland tomorrow (we've got a week). I think we may follow Kyle South and take a quick tour through Glacier National Park before heading home.