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We Made a Break for it!

We were watching the weather pretty closely this morning to see if we might be able to make it over Lookout Pass safely to get to Spokane today. It was clearing up fast and at around 11am we decided we'd go for it. 

See you later Missoula!


Weather when we started wasn't bad at all. There were even breaks with blue sky and everything!


Look! A plane on a train!



Starting to gray up a bit now:



This was our backup plan if the pass was too bad (a few miles before the pass): 50,000 Silver $ (whatever that means!) They have free RV parking in the back for self-contained RVs, which we are. 


And not that it wouldn't have been lovely back there, but we happily made it over the pass with no issues over the pass. The roads were plowed and clear and just wet but that was it. Oh, and it was gorgeous.



One mile from Lookout Pass:




Now we're in Spokane, where there's no snow at all. The weather's quite nice, actually. I'm taking Kevin out to dinner tonight for his second birthday dinner, at a spot called Clinkerdagger (voted #1 most romatic restaurant in Spokane…not sure what their scale is like, but we'll let you know).


We got a spot at the Ponderosa Falls RV Resort and it's pretty here (and we gained an hour). The follk in the office were super fun and nice…lots of trees, about 10 miles from downtown Spokane. They've got Wi-Fi, but either it's not working or you have to pay extra for it and we didn't, so we're using our AT&T data card. 


Gotta get some more work done now. Later.


  1. Susan Susan

    Yeah! So glad to hear you made it safely. Happy Birthday to Kevin. S.

  2. Thanks Susan!

  3. AnnaMarie AnnaMarie

    We noticed that the pics show there is no one else – but you – on the road. Dang.

  4. Anna-Marie: That’s because those photos are more aesthetically pleasing than the ones with cars and trucks mucking up the geometry of the road — it’s all about the timing. -Laura

  5. thats so funny, we saw a plane on a train last year and it was such a cool site.. we posted about it somewhere (;

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