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Houses Are Big


Yesterday we headed to Portland from our last night's stay at Maryhill State Park. It was just a two hour drive and let us get into Portland with plenty of time to unpack, clean up the Airstream and get it ready for our next trip.


I love coming into Portland from the East, through the Columbia River Gorge on I-84. The change of the scenery is dramatic, as are the views of the Columbia River.



Plus, it goes from being very dry (brown, rocky) to lush green forest in what feels like no time at all. Turns out we've still got some fall colors here!


Hello green hills! See ya later, sun!


Actually yesterday alternated sun with rain and clouds…not too bad. Here's a view of downtown Portland from the Markham Bridge:


It's nice to be home for a bit. (The rooms here are enormous! And it takes forever just to get from bed to the kitchen!) I do think we need to work on our timing for the next road trip though. Getting back to Portland just in time for the worst weather of the year (and missing late summer and fall, when it's so gorgeous here) wasn't too bright (and also wasn't really our plan when we set out for Alumafandango in August!). Maybe we'll go South for a bit in January…skipping some of that lovely gray drizzle. 

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  1. Welcome home! See you in 3 weeks!

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