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It’s Going to be a Long Day

(Posted by Kevin)

I'm at the Chicago airport having breakfast. I left Frankfort, KY this morning at 4am Eastern time and drove a little over an hour to Louisville, KY. Then, I got on a plane and flew to Chicago.

Now, I'm sitting in an airport pub at 7am Central time having an omelet. A dude just walked in and ordered a beer – Bud in a bottle. (7am!) The waitress (who calls me "hun") said "OK! … Well… OK. Let's DO this, then. Why not?"

Another dude (who had been sitting here awhile) thought that morning beer thing sounded like a real good idea. "Know what? I think I'll have one too!"

Beer. At 7am.

This dude had already asked the waitress if he could sneak back into the kitchen and smoke under their vent hood so that he wouldn't have to go back out through security and back. She said no. 

My next flight leaves in an hour. I'm going to San Jose to make a sales presentation for a big annual deal. Then, I'm getting on another plane and flying to Phoenix. I get into Phoenix around midnight Pacific time – and then drive to Scottsdale. 

I should get to my hotel in Scottsdale almost exactly 24 hours after I got up this morning. 

It's gonna be a long day. 

Maybe I should order a beer.