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Tag: Ketchikan

Windy in Ketchikan

The wind picked up quite a bit last night and Airship was rockin’ and rollin’ so much that it even woke me up several times. (I’ve checked the lines and fenders multiple times…they’re still good.) This morning it’s blowing about 15+kts and we’re in the least protected spot here at City…

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Working on Berth 3

I took a few shots of the work being done on Berth 3 in Ketchikan after the cruise ship calamity last week. Some of the cruise ships have to anchor out and ferry passengers in on lifeboat tenders: Some arty crane shots:  

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Brace Yourselves!

The weather in Ketchikan yesterday was pretty dramatic…but not for Ketchikan. It was raining sideways, and the wind was gusting to just over 40kts. Even “protected” between the mountains behind us and the cruise ship in front of us, we were getting gusts t0 40kts right here at city floats. We’d…


Today in Ketchikan

Airship Goes to Alaska 2016 This is a story about a bus ride. Here’s us today: coffee, work, work, work, breakfast, more work, go to the grocery store, back to the boat, more work, watch cruise ships leave, more work. Later we’re going to have dinner over at the Bar…