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Meyers Chuck to Ketchikan

We arrived in Meyers Chuck just after 5pm last night. We just docked and made dinner (OMG the BEST crab pasta recipe…I’ll share it below) and watched a movie. Well, 3/4 of a movie. It was 310 to Yuma, and we had it on our external hard drive, but it abruptly ended before it was technically over, so we’ll need to find it and watch the last quarter of it sometime. No big.

This morning was another minus tide at low tide (-2.6 I think). Meyers Chuck is the place where you can call Cassy and order up some freshly made cinnamon rolls for morning and she’ll bring ’em right to your boat. We didn’t do that, but at about 7:15am Cassy knocked on the pilothouse door (we were sleeping) and asked if we wanted a couple of cinnamon rolls. Even from a cozy sleep, it’s hard to say no to hot cinnamon rolls. Kevin went up and got them (thank you Cassy!) and we ended up getting up and doing the sugar and caffeine thing right then and there. A bit later, we hiked the trail out to the beach, which was much larger due to the very low tide.


I brought two really cool rocks back to the boat (Kevin keeps calling me “Lucy”)…but man I could outfit The Willows Inn with some killer little rectangular serving rocks from this beach. Picture the perfect amuse bouche bite served on top of this rock! (I’m gonna do it.)


The one above is about the size of a large cell phone (only much thicker and heavier) and this one below is smaller, but shows the cross section pretty well. They look a little gritty in these photos, but they’re pretty and smooth in person.


Back at the dock:



We didn’t leave Meyers Chuck until about 10:30am and had a nice chill cruise to Ketchikan, arriving just after 3pm. We’d planned to take our laundry to The Mat to take advantage of their “Wash and Fold” laundry service, but they closed today at 4pm and aren’t open tomorrow at all, so I guess we’ll do that on Monday. If we get it there by noon, it’ll be finished same day, for $1.75 per pound. Sounds like a deal to me!

We found a spot on the city floats/Casey Moran (the last spot, it seems) behind a big seiner called the Maren E (she’s pretty cool looking with that wooden bow). This spot is one of the least protected spots (and perilously close to that cruise ship dock behind us!), but it’s great to be right in town. We walked over to the Bar Harbor Restaurant for an early dinner tonight, and I took this shot of us on the dock. That seiner’s skiff is about the size of Airship!!


On our way past the Bar Harbor marina, we caught a glimpse of celebrity crabbing boat Time Bandit (notice the little kid fishing right there on the dock next to it):


Oh yeah, we saw this floating in the water on our way to Meyers Chuck yesterday…part of a concrete dock! Pretty nice piece, too!


Once we got to Ketchikan we’d planned to go get more supplies to re-do the patch job on the dinghy (our on-the-fly patch worked, kind of, but was substandard), but the marine store is closed tomorrow. So two of our major chores for today and tomorrow are now off the table. The weather is nice though, so maybe we’ll just go be tourists and look at totem poles. We have our 8 year old granddaughter joining us for 5 days starting Wednesday. We may take her into Misty Fjords, or across to Kasaan Bay, or back up to Meyers Chuck and Thoms Place…we’ll decide based on the weather. I think Misty Fjords is in the top spot right now. She wants to go crabbing, and fishing (though you can’t salmon fish in Behm Canal, but she could tool around with the little rod from the dinghy and probably be pretty happy), and she wants me to make seafood for her (ideally with what she catches).

Right, before I forget, last night’s crab pasta. I used this recipe, and substituted chives for the parsley because I didn’t have parsley and I did have chives. This is definitely one to make again. We both LOVED it. I bed it would be good with other seafoods (or chicken) subbed for the crab, too…yummy!


  1. sanityhunter sanityhunter

    Here is another good recipe, you can use oregano instead of Epicure pasta seasoning, and I use whatever kind of pasta I have in the cupboard.

    Cheese Ravioli with Dungeoness Crab Cream Sauce

    I borrowed this recipe from my brother-in-law’s brother’s website, Mr. Mom Cooks. It was really delicious, and I even used the leftover sauce to make a sort of Crab Eggs Benedict the next morning. I added some chopped red peppers with the butter and shallot when I made it, just to get some extra veggies into our diet.


    1 Dozen Fresh Cheese Ravioli (or any pasta you prefer)
    ½ med onion, minced
    5 tbsp salted butter
    1 1/2 cups creamo
    2/3 cup tomato sauce
    ¾ tsp Epicure Pasta Seasoning
    1/8 tsp sugar
    8 oz lump crabmeat
    Fresh Crusty Bread

    This is quick and easy and should take 20-30 minutes depending on how thick you like the crab cream sauce.

    Boil ravioli until about a minute before they are done. Arrange on a platter so they don’t stick together.

    Put butter and shallot into the pan on med heat. Cook until shallot is soft. Add crabmeat and cook for a few more minutes. Add oregano and sugar to tomato sauce. Add heavy cream and tomato sauce to the pan. Reduce (stir) the sauce until your desired consistency. I like it thicker so it takes about 20 minutes of stirring. Pour the hot crab cream sauce over the ravioli and have at it.

    • Thank you! Sounds yummy! 🙂

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