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Our “Air” Fleet

As we said, we like to go places. Here’s a bit about each member of the Air Fleet:

AIRstream (the one that started it all)

Update: Our Airstream is for sale. Click here for info.

We pull a 2010 27′ FB Airstream International with a 2012 Ford F150.

Many more photos of the interior (and its various stages of decor) can be found HERE.
All the “Airstream in Nature” photos from our travels can be found HERE.


This is our Airstream’s floor plan:




Update: We sold the Cirrus in April 2018 to make more time (and $) for the boat.

We have two additional partners in three-way ownership of a 2007 Cirrus SR22 G3 Turbo GTX airplane. Kevin’s been flying since he was a kid, and I got my private pilot’s license after I finished art school (2001 or so).


 Here’s a link to our “Flying Trips” category from the blog. The flying trips have been very rare since we bought our Nordic Tug in 2014…


Update: In November 2018 we sold our 2013 Nordic Tug 34 and bought a 2006 Nordic Tug 42. More on this coming soon! 

In September 2014, we added a boat to our fleet! Airship is a 2013 Nordic Tug 34 and we’re in love!


Here’s a link to some initial interior pics and here’s our initial We Bought a Boat!” post (with a few more exterior pics).

This is the floor plan of the Nordic Tug 34:


And if you are interested in the NT34’s specs, here they are:

Nt34 specs


Bike Friday Folding Bikes

We’ve got a couple of Bike Friday folding bikes that go perfectly with each member of the Air Fleet. (Well, they’re a little big for the current boat and not all that compatible with salt air). Read all about the bikes here in our post for bike nerds.



They fit nicely in the back of the airplane…perfect for exploring a place once you land. Here we are at Friday Harbor on San Juan Island:


Of course they go with us on road trips in the Airstream. This was taken in Bodega Bay, California:


In May 2014 we took them to Italy and rode them from Venice to Florence!