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Ketchikan, Cruise Ships, and Laundromats

This was our view last night from Airship:


And this is the view this morning from the same spot. Quite a difference! It’s still fun to be right down in the middle of all the hubbub.


This morning we had nice surprise. Some fellow boaters we met on Thanksgiving in Friday Harbor last year, Connie and Chuck, are also in Ketchikan on their boat and found out we were here so they came by to say hello. So cool! We chatted a bit and they offered to give us a ride to the laundromat. (We’d pretty much talked ourselves out of schlepping our laundry all the way down there today…so this was very helpful. It’s so much nicer to have it done!) Nice view of Bar Harbor marina from the Highliner Laundromat:


While our laundry was going, we walked over to Tongass Marine to get some more dinghy patch supplies, and this afternoon we removed all the old glue and patch(es) and did a much better job. We hope. We were able to pull the dinghy up on the dock here and so it’s drying/curing in the sun and it’s not raining, so the temperature and reduced humidity should help with Patch 2.0.

This morning I tried a breakfast experiment. I mixed two ripe bananas, four eggs, and two teaspoons of vanilla and then used that batter just like pancake batter and made some little pancake thingies. They were thin and delicious, a little like banana crepes (served with a little bit of syrup). I think I might prefer them less sweet, but they were pretty great (and really easy)!


The cruise ships are gone now and the Arctic Bar is rockin’ up there on the boardwalk. I’ll do something with crab for dinner tonight and then I think Connie and Chuck are going to stop by for a glass of wine later.

Happy Sunday!