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Windy in Ketchikan

The wind picked up quite a bit last night and Airship was rockin’ and rollin’ so much that it even woke me up several times. (I’ve checked the lines and fenders multiple times…they’re still good.)

This morning it’s blowing about 15+kts and we’re in the least protected spot here at City Floats (it was the only spot left when we arrived), so we’re getting tossed around quite a bit by the 1-2 foot waves as they come straight into the harbor. The wind is an on-dock wind, too…so I hope it lets up by morning so we can get outta here nicely! (Video taken from the galley.)

The nice thing about this spot, however, is the sunsets. Can’t beat the unobstructed view (once the cruise ships leave). This was taken yesterday before the wind picked up:
Kevin gets back from his business trip today (with the granddaughter!)…we’ll have her (and her cute little Xtratufs) with us for 5 days. We’re hoping to go back to Walker Cove in Misty Fjords and do some crabbing and fishing and bear-watching (her requests). The weather looks great, but the wind will likely remain, so I hope she’s okay with a wet and bumpy ride!