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We Made it to Alaska!

We didn’t leave Prince Rupert on Wednesday until about 2:30pm to cross Dixon Entrance because the weather wasn’t cooperating until then. (More info on our Dixon Entrance crossing here, if you’re interested in the details.) We made a very good choice in our timing, and we rewarded with relatively calm seas (just a few lumpy swells in a couple spots) and little wind.

We anchored in beautiful Foggy Bay for the night…a gorgeous spot, and it cuts up the 80 miles from Prince Rupert to Ketchikan into 50- and 30-mile legs instead of one very long day. (You must call Customs to get permission to stop when heading north from Prince Rupert, but from what I hear, they almost always give it.)

We left Foggy Bay late in the morning on Thursday and made the calm cruise up to Ketchikan, arriving around 2pm. We cleared U.S. Customs easily, fueled up, and headed for our slip at Bar Harbor North.

We walked into town and did some grocery shopping, picked up a few packages from Frontier Shipping (Slowboat T-shirts for everyone!!) and then stopped in at the Arctic Bar.

Paula’s famous “Arctic-Style” spicy Bloody Mary (aka, one of the only Bloody Marys I like)

We had a fun, celebratory dinner with the whole flotilla at the Bar Harbor Restaurant, and yesterday was a (rainy) lay day in Ketchikan for chores and work and exploring. Today, the adventure continues as we head up to Meyer’s Chuck, then Wrangell, Petersburg, LeConte Glacier, Pybus Bay, Red Bluff Bay, and so on.

Here’s how far we’ve come on the flotilla:
19 days, 686.9 nautical miles, 94 hours 17 minutes underway