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Sea & Sand

We're at Sea & Sand RV Park in Depoe Bay this week. There's a cluster of spots here right down by the bluff that are pretty nice. They're in three or four levels (like auditorium seating) so everyone can have a nice view of the ocean.We got here yesterday afternoon…


Elegant storage idea

These are quite lovely (and made to last over a century). Japanese tea caddies in a variety of materials (tin, silver, copper, brass…) from Kaikado.  They also make tall ones for pasta (pasta measurer included): …and coffee caddies (also with measuring scoop included):   via Inhabitat (Posted by Laura)

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Green and Silver

I found a few cute things at Crate & Barrel that I'm going to add to the Airstream. Two of these small stainless vases, a green grassy scrubby sponge, two more of the Chillewich mats (for when we have guests), and these stacking acrylic green wine glasses (they didn't have orange…that…

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Home again

We're home for a bit and can now officially report that the Oregon Unit of the Wally Byam Caravan Club is a fabulous group and we had a lovely time. We made some great new friends and I think it's likely that we'll be getting some big red numbers in…


Paulina Lake

We arrived last night at the Paulina Lake Campground. Wow. Why haven't we camped here before? This area is beautiful and we've explored it quite a bit on other trips but until now hadn't camped here. It's gorgeous. And for a Forest Service campground…holy moly! This is our spot: And…

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I got one! (A pretty good one, too.)  Here's another shot of our campsite from the water (you can barely see us in there!): And one of Kevin while we were sailing to our next fishing spot:  We love our Hobie Tandem Island. It's so much fun to be able…

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Got Trout?

Okay so this lake, Diamond Lake, is gorgeous, and I hear that it was stocked with 500,000 trout not too long ago, and I can definitely see Tons of Fish! on our fishfinder, but we've fished for two whole days and haven't caught squat. Oh, and the mosquitos are CRAZY here. WTF?…