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What’s up with the Geoduck?

Okay so here at our campground, there's a sign at the beach access entrance that tells about all the different kinds of shellfish one can collect around here.  The largest of them is called the Geoduck.  I'm reading the list of oysters and clams outloud, and I say "geoduck".  Like it's spelled.  Like geography.  Kevin says "I think it's pronounced "gooey duck".  WTF?  Really?  Spelled G-E-O-D-U-C-K?  So I look it up and sure enough he's right.  


But here's what puzzles me.  Under the etymology section, it reads:

The unusual name of the clam is derived from a Lushootseed (Nisqually) word gʷídəq meaning "dig deep", and its phonemically counterintuitive spelling is likely the result of poor transcription rather than anything having to do with ducks. Alternate spellings includegweducgweduckgoeduck, and goiduck. (Emphasis added.)

So, um, who's in charge here?  It's not a done deal guys!  When is it too late to fix poor transcription? Anyone?

(Posted by Laura)