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Hwy 101 – Hood Canal, WA

Last week, we camped for several days in our backyard  (well, 30 miles from our backyard) at Champoeg Park and had some friends and family come by for barbecue and visiting (and to check out the new Airstream).  Had a great time and then headed up to do a little kayaking and camping in the Hood Canal in Washington.  We've been camped at Seal Rock for the last five days and it's lovely.  The tide goes out and exposes an area chock full of oysters…all you need is a permit and an oyster knife.  

We've been kayaking quite a bit.  There are seals everywhere…they come right up to the bow of the boat to check us out.  It's a blast.  Here's a view of our spot from the kayak:

And another of the shoreline from the kayak:


I took both photos above from my iPhone while it was in it's waterproof pouch…not bad.  Kevin is putting together a little video (including both an underwater shot of oysters, along with one of our many close encounters with the seals…so cute!)  I'll let him link to that here when he's finished with it.

(Posted by Laura)