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I moved!

I broke down camp (including awning and little cute blinky lights) and hitched up the new (longer, bigger) trailer and towed it for the first time by myself. Sure, it was just over to the other loop of the campground….so what. It could have been anywhere. I wanted the practice,…

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Kevin is the most patient marshmallow roaster I know.  He holds them just the right amount over the flame, slowly turning them so they develop that perfectly golden exterior.  The interior gets gooier and gooier, and pretty soon they start to look like they're going to drop off the stick…

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Floor Plan

The more nights we chalk up in our new Airstream the more I appreciate this floor plan. I believe tonight will be our 23rd in a row, and nothing bugs me about it. At all. It's extremely livable and at this point I still haven't felt the need for more…

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New Grill

We picked up this super cute orange grill at Camping World the other day to replace our BabyQ:    It's called the O Grill and it comes in a bunch of fun colors!  They only had one left and it was orange, which, coincidentally is the color I'd have chosen.…

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Three mode camping

As I'm trying to rig up the trailer, I think about camping in three modes: 1) Full hookups – water, electric, and sewer (and in some places, bonus services like free wifi and cable TV) 2) Partial hookups – water and electric (but no sewer) 3) Dry Camping (no hookups…

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