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Random Stats: Showerhead

We just got a new Oxygenics showerhead for our Airstream. We heard it was a good one (Thanks, Air Forums!) and the one that came with our trailer had started to kinda lag. The new one is much better. The pressure feels like you're getting more water, but you're actually…

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Our Other RV

Today we flew our other recreational vehicle, a Cirrus SR22 G3 Turbo (it's silver too!!), to Sunriver for some walkin' around and some lunch on the Deschutes River. It was lovely. I snapped this just before we were leaving PDX. (Posted by Laura)

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Aluminum at Etsy

I was browsing aluminum over at Etsy and found a few things I thought I'd share: Vintage Mid Century Wards Western Field Ice Chest ($65): Set of 6 cone-shaped aluminum containers ($13). These are just begging for a custom rack and some polishing: This vintage aluminum cake carrier ($24) would be such a…

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