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Tag: hexacopter

Flying the Hexacopter at South Beach

Kevin got some nice footage of the campground here at South Beach from the hexacopter yesterday. (That's our neighbor Mike on the goggles…Hi Mike!)


Badlands Aerial

Kevin got a nice shot of our surroundings this morning with the HexacopterCam. (Click image to enlarge…we're on the right) (Posted by Laura)

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Alumafandango Aerial

Kevin got a nice overall shot of the Alumafandango compound today with the hexacopter. He'll be doing another one of these at dusk tonight. (Click to enlarge.)

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Battle Rock Beach FPV

Here's some video Kevin took with the hexacopter at Battle Rock Beach at Port Orford, OR. Love it! Here are a few stills I took while he was flying: (Posted by Laura)

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