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The Badass Badlands Hexacopter Video!


Yesterday, as we were leaving the Badlands, we pulled over at a viewpoint so Kevin could stress me out for five solid minutes while he flew the hexacopter and camera out over some of the craziest, jaggiest parts of the Badlands…the part where if there's any malfunction and the thing goes down there is no getting any of it back. I'm not sure why this stresses me out more than it stresses Kevin out, but it does.

The first two starts out over the abyss both gave a blinking red light which meant a battery issue…so he brought it back in and changed batteries both times and started again. I told him I saw it as a sign that he might not want to do this particular flight. He just checked the third battery and went right back out there. 

Bonus find while Kevin was looking for music to go with his video: music by a local Portland band we've seen live a few times called 3 Leg Torso!

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  1. Anna del Rosario Anna del Rosario

    THAT is soooooo cool.
    Badass Badlands, I say!

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