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Hexacopter in a Thunderstorm

Okay not really. Maybe "near" a thunderstorm.

We got back from Cowboy Mounted Shooting in time for another dramatic thunderstorm. It was loud but short, and resulted in a pretty double rainbow:


After the rain stopped, we took the hexacopter out and Kevin flew a few batteries' worth. We found a county road not that far from the campground that ran between some train tracks and the Arkansas River. (Hexacopter/dot in upper right corner of photo below):


It was beautiful out, and I think he got some great footage. While he was flying, I took this photo of the storm cloud next to us. (It was moving away, luckily, but look how cool!)



  1. laura.. that 2nd photo is absolutely gorgeous, you captured the colors so perfectly.. and what good luck, a double rainbow (; t.

  2. Thanks Tiffany! 🙂

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