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Chasing Ships in the Columbia River with the Hexacopter

Here are three of Kevin's "Chasing Ships" videos from out at Skamokawa, WA:

This is where he takes off from our campsite with the hexacopter and a Sony 5n camera and then heads out over the middle of the Columbia River and the hexacopter becomes a teeny tiny little dot (a dot that would be over $2K to replace at this point, were it to fall into the river). He's getting some gorgeous footage of these HUGE ships. He's flying through a video feed on the hexacopter that transmits into a pair of FPV googles (FPV, for first person view), while I play the role of the "spotter" trying to keep track of the little bugger as he gets further and further away. (Basically all this means is that I stand there saying "You're getting really faaaaarrrrr. You're just a tiny dot now. I can barely see you. You're gaining/losing altitude." Super helpful stuff, really.)

If you like these, his YouTube channel is here if you wanna check out more of his stuff.


  1. This looks like wayyyy too much fun . . . love the credits and info at the end but could you add the music credits as well? Love to know the tunes . . . thanks!

  2. These are SO cool. I live just up the valley and wish I’d seen him flying the thing, too. (Also, Herbfarm is incredible, glad you got there.)

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