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Chasing Ships in the Columbia River with the Hexacopter

Here are three of Kevin's "Chasing Ships" videos from out at Skamokawa, WA:

This is where he takes off from our campsite with the hexacopter and a Sony 5n camera and then heads out over the middle of the Columbia River and the hexacopter becomes a teeny tiny little dot (a dot that would be over $2K to replace at this point, were it to fall into the river). He's getting some gorgeous footage of these HUGE ships. He's flying through a video feed on the hexacopter that transmits into a pair of FPV googles (FPV, for first person view), while I play the role of the "spotter" trying to keep track of the little bugger as he gets further and further away. (Basically all this means is that I stand there saying "You're getting really faaaaarrrrr. You're just a tiny dot now. I can barely see you. You're gaining/losing altitude." Super helpful stuff, really.)

If you like these, his YouTube channel is here if you wanna check out more of his stuff.