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Airship to Alaska | Day 10 | Fury Cove to Shearwater BC

Airship Goes to Alaska 2016

Our Cape Caution crossing yesterday was nice and calm and uneventful, just like we like it! 


We weren't planning to cut through the Walker Group, but as we passed by that inviting opening, I decided to cut through after all. It's so pretty in there!! Kevin was napping but the change in rpms woke him up so he came up for a few minutes while we meandered through the rocky islets.


Just past the Walker Group a bit, I saw what looked like a bunch of debris in the water. Turns out, it was not debris. It was HUNDREDS OF OTTERS! To the north:





And to the south:


We got to Fury Cove and there were four other boats in there. One we knew, three we didn't.


We put our crab traps out and then stopped to say hi to Kim and Ken (on their cool big catamaran called an AfriCat). The plan for later (with Gill and Ray on the sailboat next door) was to meet on the beach at 4:30 for happy hour. By the time 4:30 came around the sun had come out and the wind had died down and we had a lovely gathering on the beach. 


Kevin dropped me off at Airship to start dinner and went to check/gather crab traps (no crab). Next up: a drone flight over the cove for some pictures!


Fury Cove is great because it's nice and protected, but you can see right out into Fitz Hugh Sound to check conditions visually:




We decided to head out early in the morning today to get up to Shearwater (we left just after 6am). The cruise was calm and gray and a bit drizzly, but fine.

We saw a few spouts today at the north end of Fitz Hugh Sound, but then didn't see anything for quite a while. Kevin went down to shower, and then (of course) bam! Two huge tail slaps…big ones, where a whole lot of the whale is out of the water. It was so cool!!! But all I got was this:


Here's yesterday's map, from Port McNeill to Fury Cove (68.3 nautical miles 9 hours 9 minutes):


Here's today's map from Fury Cove to Shearwater (51.7 nautical miles, 6 hours 39 minutes):


And now, we're at Shearwater (with internet!). We did a load of laundry and sat at the pub and worked and had some lunch and a beer while the laundry did its thing. We'll probably go back up for dinner later on. Here's a link to last year's post from Shearwater, when the weather was nice and pictures could be taken…it's too gray and rainy now.

Not sure yet of tomorrow's destination. We'll figure that out tonight! 



  1. Kevin McLaughlin Kevin McLaughlin

    Six lbs of prawn in exchange for a half bottle of bourbon…..sigh

  2. Jeanne Jeanne

    Terrific on all accounts!

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