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Airship to Alaska | Day 11 | Shearwater to Ocean Falls

Airship Goes to Alaska 2016

This morning we slept in (woohoo, 8am!), did a bunch of work, had some breakfast, and then walked up to the market in Shearwater to get a few things for the crab bisque I plan to make tonight or tomorrow night. It was still gray and rainy, but who cares? We're on our way to Alaska. In our boat!



I kind of appreciate this guy's mending job on his shirt:


(I had to use Gorilla Tape to fix my bra last year when we were somewhere out in the boonies in SE Alaska…the underwire poked through the fabric on the side under my arm and was stabbing me. It sort of worked.)

Also, whoa! I think this boat was in need of some zincs. (Too late.) I should have taken a photo of the whole boat. It was pretty great, texturally.


We left Shearwater around 10am after getting a bunch of work done, and wove our way through Gunboat Pass (great name, huh?) and then on to Ocean Falls. 

This is Picture Island in Gunboat Passage,  so I thought I should take a picture of it:


Gray and calm:


Approaching Ocean Falls:


Before going to the dock we motored over near the dam and set out some crab traps just to the right of it (the same place we caught a ton of crab last year). Here's hoping for a repeat!


Nice view from the end of the dock:


Misty Ocean Falls:


We headed out to walk around but then it started raining pretty hard, so we opted to do some more work instead. I took a ton of photos last year when we were here, so if you're interested, those (plus a bunch of info about the place, including Nearly Normal Norman) can be found here.

A little bit ago a Royal Canadian Mounted Police boat docked in here, and just now an officer came by to say hi (well, and to check us out). He got our passport/Canpass/boat info, filled out a form, chatted with us about about our trip and then off he went. Super friendly…they just like to keep track of foreign boats coming and going (especially in these little out of the way spots like Ocean Falls). He told us if we got "pulled over" any time while in Canada, to just show them the copy of the form and we'd be good to go. Kinda neat.

Our plan for tomorrow is to pick up the crab traps on the way out (around 7am), and then head for Perceval Narrows to arrive at slack, and then probably anchor tomorrow night in Rescue Bay. We'll see how the weather looks in the morning!

Here's today's route (22.9 nautical miles, 3 hours 14 minutes):