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Airship to Alaska | Day 11 | More from Ocean Falls

Airship Goes to Alaska 2016

The weather finally cleared up a bit earlier this evening so we went out for a walk around "town." (Some history about Ocean Falls here.)

The "bar" is apparently to the left:


Our buddies, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.


I spotted one of the policemen returning to the boat with a bike…I suppose he went for a bike ride around this crazy set of a zombie apocalypse movie. (Not to belittle the history or the ruins…but man after all those seasons of The Walking Dead, it does feel a bit creepy walking the "neighborhood" here. We saw not one other person…a few houses had lights on…but no visible life.)



These photos will give you a pretty good feel of the place. Last year when we were here it was all sunny and bright, and the wildflowers were all blooming, so the mostly abandoned town felt kinda of happy…but this year it was gray and dreary. Makes a way better set for a zombie film.






We got back to Airship and decided to take the drone up for an overall shot of the docks and the town. Yep, that's right. RIGHT in front of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. We're risk-takers, you know.


And now, it's time for some tacos!