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Airship to Alaska | Day 9 | Crossing Cape Caution

Airship Goes to Alaska 2016

5:00am at Port McNeill


Current Weather:
Queen Charlotte Strait: Wind light
Queen Charlotte Sound: Wind light
Central Coast from McInnes Island to Pine Island: Wind light. Seas 1 metre or less
West Sea Otter Buoy: Waves 0.7 metres at 15 seconds. Wind WSW 6 gusting to 8
All the way up at South Hecate Strait: Waves 0.8 metres at 15 seconds. Wind WSW 10 gusting to 12

Couldn't ask for better. Follow us around by clicking "Where is Airship?" in the right column! Next stop: Fury Cove.


  1. PW PW

    Very much enjoying this latest trip for Airship north! Btw, looks like the town is also being taken over by one of the most invasive and noxious plants…Scotch Broom (w the tiny yellow flowers). It is the bane of farmers & ranchers as well as many allergy sufferers!

    • Yes, Scotch Broom everywhere! The color is really great though! šŸ™‚

  2. Steve Mitchell Steve Mitchell

    Love the drone photography. I have one too and take every chance I can to get great shots, maybe not in front of a police officer though. The town is amazing – I love abandoned or zombie-apocalypse like stuff, and that place sure qualifies!

    • Hi Steve, well, we weren’t doing anything illegal, so we were cool (plus, I don’t think they even noticed). šŸ™‚
      Ocean Falls definitely qualifies!

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