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Tag: Fury Cove

Codville Lagoon to Fury Cove (and Humpbacks!) | BC

Today’s plan was to meet up with our friends on Dawnbreaker down at the Koeye River inlet. The Koeye River is a very good place to watch grizzlies, and the anchorage there is decent for a temporary stop in relatively calm conditions. It was beautiful in Codville Lagoon this morning,…


Airship to Alaska | Day 10 | Fury Cove to Shearwater BC

Airship Goes to Alaska 2016 Our Cape Caution crossing yesterday was nice and calm and uneventful, just like we like it!  We weren't planning to cut through the Walker Group, but as we passed by that inviting opening, I decided to cut through after all. It's so pretty in there!!…