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Day 10 – Fury Cove to Ocean Falls

Airship Goes to Alaska – Day 10

We never saw the grizzlies at Fury Cove (dangit), and we departed at 7am for another long cruise to Ocean Falls (58 nautical miles). We saw humpback whales in Fitz Hugh Sound three different times (Airship seems to be the whale-spotting boat).

The first time was right off our starboard side, and it was the tail as the whale dove. Kevin was in the shower and no one in the fleet but me saw it, and I didn’t get a photo.

The second time was 20 minutes or so later, two of them on my starboard side again, also heading south. I don’t think anyone else saw these either.


But the third time, we saw a few huge spouts right off our bow (and behind Mark’s boat). 


Kevin told the fleet, and we slowed up as I booked it out onto the bow to get a few photos.

I zoomed in just as the whale was preparing to dive, and we got quite a nice tail wave…maybe three times up and down before diving. Here's a whale tail wave flip book:








I may or may not have been one of those people who cheered at the whale tail from the bow of our boat. 

Approaching the entrance to Ocean Falls:



We made a quick detour over to the right of the falls to put our crab traps out. There's known good crabbing here at Ocean Falls, and now that it's been a few days since the "all you can eat crab and prawn dinner" at Pierre's Echo Bay, we're ready for some more crab.


This mermaid (created by local resident Herb Carpenter) greets arriving boaters:


Getting settled on the long dock:


Our new spot:


More in the next post about Ocean Falls!