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New Orleans – Day 1 Part 2

Tonight we got an early reservation at August over on Tchoupitoulas Street. We did the degustation menu with wine pairings and it was fabulous. Really. Right up there with our other favorites.

After dinner we walked down Canal Street over to Bourbon Street and figured we'd get a bit of a walk in before we grabbed a cab back to the trailer park. 🙂 Stopped to grab this spooky shot for you guys. Nice, huh? I think they planned it that way.


We ended up standing outside of a place called the Bayou Club listening to a cool band…stayed for two or three songs, then we left and walked around a bit, but we decided to go back and hear more. We went in, had a drink and heard another set and a half and they were great. Brandon Moreau and his Cajungrass. So much fun. Here's a link to a few songs. If you pick just one, go with Jack of Diamonds. There was a cool guy dancing around energetically in front of the band wearing a good hat and sunglasses. Turns out it was this guy Mike James (I saw his photo on the "fans of Cajungrass" area and recognized him.) 

OMG our cab ride to August!! Hilariously entertaining cab driver. I can't even begin to describe the awesomeness. So I probably shouldn't have even started this story, since I can't finish it. But just know…whoa! That was some crazyass New Orleans cab ride!