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New Orleans – Day 2

I don't really have any more photos to post besides this view from our office this morning. It's still a little stormy, but not dumping rain or throwing lightning around the sky like yesterday.


We went to Commander's Palace over in the Garden District for dinner last night. It was lovely. There's some interesting history of the restaurant (around since 1880) here on their website. We were in New Orleans for two nights and chose contemporary New Orleans for dinner one night (August), and old school New Orleans (and one of our standby favorites) for dinner the next. Both were fabulous. And now, it's time to get back on that diet. New Orleans is not for dieters. At all. 

Yesterday it was so super stormy that we decided to go see a movie at noon. We saw The Master over at the Theaters at Canal Place. These theaters are perhaps the coolest theaters EVER. They've got nice big comfy seats with plenty of room to stretch out….oh and a CHEF! The usher seats you and gives you a menu and silverware and takes your order. You can get wine and what looked like some yum entrees, even. We shared a little panini sandwich with a salad and had some truffled popcorn and iced teas. They have cool little wooden pivoting trays on the armrests…it was very swanky. Ten bucks for a matinee. 

Also, we stopped to exchange our Sodastream carbonators at probably the nicest most helpful Ace Hardware we've ever been to over in the French Quarter. If you live here and don't know about this store, now you know!

Well, we're headed to the Florida pandhandle this morning. Hope you're enjoying the trip!


p.s. Oh wait! I DO have another picture to share. The snap I took of the tasting menu we did last night. We had barbecued alligator!!! And OMG that five hour egg was exquisite. Everything was so so good, and our waiter did us a favor and substituted the bread pudding souffle (my favorite dessert) for the one on the tasting menu. I've made it at home a few times and it's good, but it's not the same.