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New Orleans – Day 1

This morning (on a tip from our friend Steve) we headed over to Mother's for breakfast. We decided we'd do breakfast, skip lunch (oh, maybe a beignet or something), and then go to dinner. Pacing is important here. We know Steve is as much about the experience of a place as we are so we trust his tips. Mother's didn't disappoint. It was raining pretty heavily this morning as we headed out and as we found Mother's, we also found a parking spot right in front of the door. Score! There was a line out front but as we were parking they moved that part of the line inside.


The line was longish but it moved quickly. Honestly, I could have used a little more time to figure out what I wanted. (Crawfish etouffee omelet!) The food was good, but the ambiance was better. You get in line and look at a menu. The line moves up and you order when you get to cashier and they bring it to your table when it's ready. It's efficient and quirky and it's funny to watch the people who get all flustered and can't flow with the system. 🙂


After breakfast we did a drive down St. Charles Avenue to check out some of the cool architecture. Here are a few pics:





Kind of a dreary day for photos, huh? Oh well. It was still raining, so we stopped to pick up a couple of umbrellas and headed over to the French Quarter to walk around a bit.

This is kinda great: Did you know that you can get New Orleans Police Department T-shirts at the New Orleans Police Department? Now you do.


We stopped at Cafe Beignet on Royal Street for a cappuccino and a beignet. We remembered the place from when we were here before and staying at the Hotel Monteleone. At that time, we thought these were better than the more touristy Cafe du Monde. Not sure if that's still true, but they were good.


This gal's outfit was great. Striped T-shirt with black lace collar, ruffled denim shorts, and black lace capri tights.


Some French Quarter architecture:





Joy Theater on Canal Street:


And I wasn't fast enough on the draw to get this shot very successfully, but check out this great typeface: