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Hagerman Pass and Quincy’s

Yesterday early evening we drove up to Hagerman Pass. Here's the view:


The road got to be pretty rocky and slow and we found a spot we thought we'd use to turn around in. But first, Kevin got out the hex and flew for a few minutes. Here's the road we just came up:


The hex at about 12,000 feet:


Heading back down:


Map (click to enlarge):


After our little adventure we headed into town to try Quincy's for their filet mignon dinner. Sunday through Thursday it's filet mignon, and on the weekends it's prime rib. We were not expecting much (prices start at 8.95 for filet mignon, baked potato, salad, and bread) but everything was delicious and the service was great. And the atmosphere is perfectly Leadville (love the ceiling):


And here's a cloud duck taken from my pillow this morning (it was duckier before I took several minutes to grab my iPhone and click the camera app and try to position the lens so none of the dirt spots on the window got in the way, but you get the idea):