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Category: RC

Patos Island Aerial Video

Ta-da! Kevin's finished aerial video from around Patos Island (watch in HD if you can): Shot with an FPV Quadcopter. Filmed with GoPro Hero 3+ aboard a Team Black Sheep Discovery Pro quadcopter. Launched from a Nordic Tug 34 anchored in Active Cove at Patos Island Marine State Park, WA.…


Birth of a New Drone

(Posted by Kevin) My last drone was lost at sea in March. Apparently we didn’t do a blog post about it at the time, which is a mystery because it was exactly the kind of event we’d normally blog about. We were on the Oregon coast, and I’d been flying…

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New Drone!!

Kevin finally got all of the parts from Team Black Sheep to build his new Discovery Pro FPV Gimbal Quadcopter. He hasn't flown since The Incident, (I can't believe Kevin didn't do a post about The Incident on Riveted, but this'll give you some background if you want, plus more…

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Sunset, and some Hexacopter Aerials of South Beach

Gorgeous afternoon/evening yesterday at South Beach Campground: And one with the Airstream: Kevin took the hexacopter up with the Sony NEX5n on it for some aerial stills of the campground so you could get a feel for what the place looks like overall. Here we are: Here's a pulled back…

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