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I was reading Tiffany's blog Camp1899 and found this thoughful post about competition and comparison with regard to other people's blogs/lifestyles/cute hair/whatever, and it led me then to this post over on the Creature Comforts blog about the gap in true reality and the presentation of reality on blogs.

I think probably most of us who blog (well, maybe except Jake) walk that line as well. Do I post about the argument my husband and I got in, or do I post about the incredible breakfast he fixed me the next morning? Do I post about bringing our bedding back and forth from home to the Airstream and back home again, or do I post about the beautiful-but-I'll-never-buy-it-comforter from Anthropologie I just saw? Do I post about being bummed that so much of our time in the Airstream is spent sitting at the dinette running our business, slow internet, and problems with an employee, or do I post about the gorgeous hike we went on after we finished work that day?

I know that in trying to inspire people there's also room for alienating people if we aren't authentic. I know in my offline life that I'm good there. But it's hard to know how people interpret your words and your life on a blog. (Though I do totally fess up on here about my Gladys Kravitz tendencies…that should be good enough, right?)

Comments welcomed.

p.s. Look at these sweet little dishtowels:


(Posted by Laura)