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Slow cookers, hair dryers, and kicking the breaker in the Airstream

My mom just got me this super cute (orange!) 1.5qt slow cooker for the Airstream. It only uses 100 watts of power…pretty great:


She also got me a cookbook to go with it called "Not Your Mother's Slow Cooker Recipes for Two." Sounds like we'll be trying out some slow cooker recipes on the road! (Thanks Mom!)

I also picked up this low power hair dryer last week:


I had an old compact one in the trailer, but it was 1875 watts (and kept kicking the breaker) and this one is only 1000 watts and actually feels like it has more power. And it was only 20 bucks.

The breaker kicking started recently…even when we were plugged into shore power. If we ran the espresso maker AND the microwave, kicked. My hairdryer for about a minute, kicked. So we called AM Solar and we're heading down there on Monday to have the breaker replaced (and some other magic done) and we're going to move the fridge so it works directly on shore power (without going through the solar and inverter system). We'll also have them wire one of our outlets so it also goes directly to shore power. That way, we'll be able to leave the fridge on auto and not think about it, and we'll be able to plug our little electric heater into an outlet directly to shore power when we're plugged in.

After that, we're going to meet my mom in Florence, OR to see my great aunt Zelma (she's almost 100!). I'm going to take her portrait, and we'll just visit and cook and then head back home for a couple days before our long trip down to CA. I'll tell you about that one later.

(Posted by Laura)