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Category: Kitchen

Fouled Anchor Demitasse

I recently picked up two of these U.S. Navy fouled anchor demitasse cups on Etsy to use for espresso on the boat. They're durable, mess hall quality, and fit nicely in the cupboard with the regular coffee cups.


Cocktailware for Airship

The boat should not have to use the hand-me-down Target cocktail shaker from our 2005 Airstream, should it? Here's what we got for it instead (Update: DON'T BUY THIS, SEE COMMENTS BELOW): Mid-Century Cocktail Shaker with a wood top ($23), and the Wood-handled Bar Tools 3-piece set ($31), both from West…

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Sink Top Cutting Board

The fine folks at Turnco Wood Goods made us this gorgeous sink-top cutting board a couple weeks ago and we love it! Tiffani and Deke worked with Turnco Wood Goods (based on Whidbey Island) to come up with the perfect size and edge shape to fit the Airstream sink, which…

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