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Tag: Rosario Resort

Happy New Year!

On Sunday (the 27th) we headed north to the boat with our friends Jake & Patti (visiting from San Diego) to do a little cruising in the San Juan Islands. The weather was supposed to be great except for Monday (25-35 kt winds, wind waves 5-7 feet), so we left…

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Rosario to Roche Harbor

We left Rosario this morning around 10am (breaking through a tiny bit of ice on the water over by the jetty). It was 21 degrees…brrrrr…but nice and sunny! See you soon, Rosario! Cool cabin in the woods: Obstruction Pass, where apparently yesterday there were cresting waves (!!!). Not bad today…

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Organ Concert, Rosario History, and Dinner at the Mansion

This afternoon we went up to check out the 4pm organ concert and presentation given at the Mansion by Christopher Peacock. It was pretty cool! He played a few pieces on the 1900 Steinway grand piano (the last one out of the factory, on December 31, 1900), and then he…

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Figurehead from the Sailing Ship “America”

  Nice light on the figurehead at the marina (taken from the boat): "This figurehead is from the clipper ship "America." She was built in 1874 at Quincy, Massachusetts by Deacon George Thomas. Her original owners were Thayer & Co. of Boston. In 1887 she was put in the Pacific…

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San Juans: Rosario, (Humpbacks!!), Matia, Sucia

We woke up early at Rosario this morning and I snapped the above shot from the back of the boat (outside, about 31 degrees Farenheit, brrrr). We had coffee and showered and headed up to the Mansion Restaurant for breakfast. We'd checked out the menu during our cocktail and snacks…

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