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Rosario to Roche Harbor

We left Rosario this morning around 10am (breaking through a tiny bit of ice on the water over by the jetty). It was 21 degrees…brrrrr…but nice and sunny!


See you soon, Rosario!


Cool cabin in the woods:


Obstruction Pass, where apparently yesterday there were cresting waves (!!!). Not bad today though.


We took the long way and went around the east side of Orcas, around to the back/west side where we'd seen humpbacks before and hey guess what? More humpbacks!! They were really close to shore this time:



We arrived at Roche Harbor on San Juan Island right around 3pm.


It's so cold that they've got the water turned off so we weren't able to rinse all the salt spray off of Airship, so we'll have to do that another time. We wandered up to the Roche Harbor Company Store for some groceries, and then decided to go up to McMillin's for a cocktail and a snack by the fire (because, 21 degrees, and the harbormaster recommended it!)


We had some Salish Sea oysters, calamari, and a Manhattan.


Everything we ordered was so good that we decided not to cook after all and ordered a house salad and the very last lamb shank to share for dinner. SO. GOOD. 


Fiery sunset at the marina:


Not sure where we'll go tomorrow…

Here's today's route (click to enlarge):