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24° — feels like 13°


Yep, it's cold cold cold here on Orcas Island now that those winds have shifted from South winds to North winds. Early this morning as predicted (known gale warning), we awoke to the sounds of being on a pirate ship in a storm. 

We both got up and went out to (1) remove the dang burgee (little flag on the bow that says "Nordic Tug" with a little tug icon, very cute) because it was blowing and clanking around like crazy (which ended up to matter NONE in the big scheme of things that made noise for the rest of the night), and (2) make sure all our lines were really REALLY secure, and that all the fenders were in the right spots between the boat and the dock. 

I've been using this great app called iWindsurf for getting the winds. These panels showing wind speed are 4am, 7am, 10am, and 1pm this afternoon (forecast) and that little blue dot is where we are. Fun stuff! (Click to enlarge)


And here's what it sounded like at about 4am from bed, as the wind tossed us around a bit:

Listen: Sounds like a pirate ship, doesn't it?

Once when it was quiet for several moments Kevin said "It's much quieter now that we've broken loose." (fucker)

This morning it was clear and beautiful and the winds were still howling. Looking out into Cascade Bay it was choppy and there was spindrift on ALL of the water…hard to get a photo of it, but I tried:


We bundled up and headed  to the Mansion Restaurant for breakfast (because, they have the Perfect Eggs Benedict!). Everyone was talking about the wind and the cold and the restaurant was warm and busy.


Back at the boat now doing some work (and learning about how to tie the lines so they don't creak as much).