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Tag: Olympic Peninsula

Another Ferry Ride and Another Cupboard Catastrophe

Yesterday we drove from Makah Bay over through Port Angeles to Kingston to catch the Kingston-Edmonds Ferry to hook up with our Weaselmouth pals for the weekend. The road from Makah Bay to Port Angeles was crazy…winding and bumpy, and then super slow at times (one sign said 10MPH next…

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Sunset at Hobuck Beach

After dinner last night (duck confit, roasted tomato and garlic soup, and a kale salad, yum!) we noticed the rain letting up and the sun coming through the clouds so we headed out to the beach to take it all in.  I think this makes up for all the rain.


Hobuck Beach

It stopped raining for about five minutes so we went for a walk on the beach. Glad we brought the GoreTex. Here's our spot at the Hobuck Beach campground: When we first got here, there was just the older Airstream there next to us, a small small generic trailer, a…

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Gray Morning at South Beach

It rained a good part of the night last night, which was lovely on the aluminum roof. This morning it's warm and gray and we're heading more north after breakfast and a bit of work. I could stay here much, much longer.

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Sea Otters! Frolicking in the Surf!

Because this place wasn't magical enough already.  I can see them from the doorway of the Airstream (better with binoculars). I don't think you can see any in this photo, but they're out there! Doing cute little otter things!

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Sunset, and some Hexacopter Aerials of South Beach

Gorgeous afternoon/evening yesterday at South Beach Campground: And one with the Airstream: Kevin took the hexacopter up with the Sony NEX5n on it for some aerial stills of the campground so you could get a feel for what the place looks like overall. Here we are: Here's a pulled back…

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