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Cape Flattery and Tatoosh Island

Yesterday afternoon (after the Shi Shi Beach hike, and after some more work) we headed out to Cape Flattery. We wanted to REALLY be as far as we could out here in the Northwest corner of the (Continental) U.S. so we drove out to the Cape Trail and hiked out to the end of the trail. So beautiful! (That's Canada in the distance.)



There are all sorts of sea caves out here and it's kind of mezmerizing to watch the water go in and out of 'em.


Tatoosh Island straight out from Cape Flattery, and the Cape Flattery Lighthouse:



The trail out to the Cape has more of this great-looking boardwalk that gets you over some of the wetlands and super muddy spots:


…with an occasional wooden stepping stone or two:


All in all we hiked about 7 miles yesterday. The Cape Flattery trail is mostly down all the way out and up all the way back. It's short (3/4 mile or so) but rated "moderate" as well … likely due to the climb and all the stairs built into the boardwalk. (Luckily, there was considerably less mud than the earlier hike to Shi Shi Beach.) You need an annual tribal lands permit for many of these areas. They're only 10 bucks and there are several places to pick one up. We got ours at the Makah Tribal Center (Administrative Building 19), just before you turn onto Cape Loop Road.

Also! During our hike we realized that within the last year we've been to the extreme opposite corners of the U.S. with our Airstream: Key West, Florida in October and now Cape Flattery in Washington.

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    Gorgeous areas to hike.

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