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Another Ferry Ride and Another Cupboard Catastrophe


Yesterday we drove from Makah Bay over through Port Angeles to Kingston to catch the Kingston-Edmonds Ferry to hook up with our Weaselmouth pals for the weekend. The road from Makah Bay to Port Angeles was crazy…winding and bumpy, and then super slow at times (one sign said 10MPH next mile—!!!) and once we came over a sudden rise in the road where I think we might possibly have gotten air. I said to Kevin, "Wonder what just happened back there in the trailer?" because usually after a road like this we show up and and it looks like rockstar party aftermath—pillows and cushions everywhere, bourbon bottles rolling on the floor—and Kevin replied "Probably everything you love is broken." Always the worry, isn't it?

We stopped for lunch in Port Angeles (OMG, Little Devil's Lunchbox! Pulled pork and chorizo tacos! So good!!) and when we checked the back of the trailer, our cupboard above the microwave had come open. Again. This is the second time now (the first time I lost my entire set of Franciscan Starburst dinnerware). This is a thing that happens apparently, and we need to get a better latch on that cupboard because I'm not going to be bungee cording a cabinet that should say the heck closed with normal things in it as you go down the road.

There was oil (yes, OIL) all over the floor, that had been sprinkled liberally with truffle salt (Salt Farm #10) and then broken glass. Perfect. We did our best to get everything up, found the open/empty bottle of walnut oil in the bathroom (where it had nicely soaked the rug in there) and decided we'd deal with the rest of it once we got to our next spot. (It did smell pretty good, which was a plus.)

I got to do the ferry jockying this time. Look how close!


Leaving Kingston:


Passing another ferry:


We saw a dozen or so porpoises on our ride over! So cool! The ferry employee guy we were standing next to said they only see them every couple weeks or so and he was pretty excited. The tiny black dot there? That's one of 'em!


Disembarking in Edmonds:


Our new spot for the weekend at Lake Pleasant:


Oh and here's one of the signs I was telling you about on the Indian Reservation in Makah/Neah Bay as we were leaving. Meth equals Death. That it does:


The good thing about the Airstream oil spill is that now our floor is REALLY clean and nice 'n shiny from being waxed with walnut oil. The bummer is that even with detergent and hot water, the two rugs are still all oily. 

Tonight we're heading to the craft distiller's festival in Seattle (Proof). Forty or so craft distillers, local restaurants, etc.

"Sample craft spirits from more than 40 Washington distilleries, including gin, whiskey, bourbon, vodka and more. Snack on delicious bites from top local restaurants, let expert mixologists help you discover your new favorite drink, and get in on the ground floor of one of the fastest-growing beverage industries in America."  

Sounds good to me!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention…as we were unhitching last night, a part of our new hitch broke. Kevin's at the auto parts store down the street now to try to figure out a temporary fix. I did remember to take photos during this mishap (I've got to get better at photographing the mayhem before I clean it up!) and we'll post about this thing when we've got it worked out with a nice ending and all. What a day, huh?!?!