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Lummi Island, The Willows Inn, and the Spark Museum of Electrical Invention

We headed up to the Willows Inn on Lummi Island again this year for Kevin’s birthday. We mostly do experiences rather than gifts for birthdays these days and it’s quite nice because we both get to experience what we plan. Luckily, our tastes are very similar. The ferry ride over to…

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Lummi Island, Willows Inn, and a Crazy Ferry Ride

On Thursday afternoon we left Anacortes and headed for Lummi Island for Kevin's birthday dinner at The Willows Inn. We did not take the boat since the weather was marginal and the mooring buoys out front are not really a very well-protected anchorage. We drove the truck the hour and…

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Oh, Just Boring Stuff

We've been kickin' it on Airship back in Anacortes for a few days just working and doing a few boat projects. We've looked at a few new boats and a few used boats (thinking about the "one size up" we'd like to get to store guests more comfortably…and stuff…guests and…

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Lummi Island (Willows Inn), Shaw Island, Etc.

This is going to be a mish mast post of the past two days…because, why not? We spent Kevin's official birthday moored at Spencer Spit. We had some champagne, snacks (duck rillette, cheese, crackers, caper berries) and then a dinner of linguine con le vongole (with the clams) that turned…

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