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Bellingham to Lummi Island

We left our placeholder RV Park in Bellingham (aptly named Bellingham RV Park, nothing special at all to speak of here…full hookups, Wi-Fi, narrow spots, no scenery, near the airport…you get the idea) and rode our bikes over through the Lummi Nation reservation and down to the ferry terminal.

Bellingham Lummi - 2632

Totem pole art:



Look at all those crab traps!


A month or so ago, we made a reservation for dinner and a room at the Willows Inn on Lummi Island for the night and decided to bike it from Bellingham with our overnight stuff in the panniers, and we hopped on the Whatcom Chief ferry over to Lummi Island. Turns out the ferry had been down the day before for 26 hours due to an engine emergency something-or-other, so the traffic lineup to get to and from Lummi yesterday was more than usual.


There were a couple of ferry management types there at the entrance having a very funny conversation:

Her:  Motorcycles get on before cars, which sometimes really bugs the cars. Bikes get on last, because they can put them in anywhere. 
Him:  What if there are 37 motorcycles?
Her:  They still get on first and how ever many cars can fit after them…that's how many cars get on.
Him:  What if the motorcycles take up the whole ferry?
Her:  Same rules. If the entire Hell's Angeles showed up, they'd all get on and they could fill up the whole boat and no cars would get on. (Looking over at us) And bicycles still get on last. The boss makes the rules.
Him:  Does the boss ride a motorcycle?
Her:  No, he does not. 

They were hilarious.

Bikes on the ferry:


Arriving on Lummi:


Off the ferry we turned right and took the route around the top of the island to get to the Willows Inn on the northwest side. Great ride with nice rolling hills and gorgeous scenery.

Our room at the Willows is rustic but nice and the grounds are beautiful. It's right on the water with lovely views:


Dinner last night was spectacular, and I'll tell you all about it in another post. I think it's our new No. 1.