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Foggy Ferry to Whidbey


We packed up this morning and left our fabulous spot at Point Hudson Marina and headed over to catch the 12:30pm ferry from Port Townsend to Coupeville on Whidbey Island. We arrived at 11:45am and it was so uncrowded that we actually made the 11:45 ferry. Sweet! It was super foggy this morning and we had about 20 feet of visibility the whole ride to Whidbey.

Disappearing Port Townsend:


On the ferry:


We got to pull right onto the ferry taking up two lanes since we were almost the last ones on, and there was plenty of room (they told us to, we didn't just hog the space on our own). It was a nice change from the last ferry ride, smushed up against the wall with the mirrors all pulled in. 


We went up to the top deck for the ride and watched for dolphins and orcas, but all we saw was fog and a few  jellyfish…


…and this cool misty rainbow/halo thing around/over our heads off the side of the boat:


Deception Pass:


Here's a link to our last visit to Deception Pass (with lots more photos). It's so beautiful up here!

We stopped at a pullout at Pass Lake and had some lunch and did a bit of work in the Airstream. It's nice to always have an office/kitchen/coffee cart/restroom with us!


Once in Bellingham, I navigated us to a car wash I'd found online that sounded promising, called Sunset Car Wash, just off the freeway about 5 miles south of our destination. By "promising" how do the words "large RV bay with catwalk on both sides" sound? This place totally delivered. For $12 bucks we soaked, rinsed, foamed, waxed, wheel washed, and spot-proofed the Airstream (and then hand dried the whole thing ourselves). I love having a clean Airstream!


We're camped out in Bellingham for a few days with Leigh & Brian. Fun! Next stop: Vancouver Island!