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Hanging with the Lummi Locals

After our day exploring Lummi Island on our own, we met up with Leigh & Brian and headed over to their friends' place Artisan Wine Shop for some wine tasting (and some wine buying).


Rich and Pat are the owners of this place (Ryan was behind the bar pouring) and they're all great folks. This place is definitely worth a visit if you're on Lummi Island and like wine. They carry a bunch of interesting wines at great prices, and pour 5 different wines at a time for tasting.

After the wine shop, we headed over to the Beach Store Cafe (also owned by The Willows Inn) for dinner. The six of us grabbed a picnic table outside and ordered pizzas, salads, grilled asparagus, mussels, and some sweet potato fries. The food was great!  The sun was still blazing, and since Brian and Rich didn't have hats they used their napkins until the sun went behind the trees:


Garden entertainment at the Beach Store Cafe was provided by a band called Bent Grass and they were a lot of fun:


At this point, Leigh and Brian said we'd now eaten at every single restaurant on Lummi Island…all three of them. 

Oh, and if you're interested, the Lummi post office is for sale:


After dinner we headed over to a gorgeous place on the beach belonging to some of Leigh & Brian's friends, Judy and John, where we had some wine and met a handful of new people, then decided to stay for the sunset and bonfire on the beach. A little while later, they convinced us all to stay for the full moon too, so we ended up catching the 11pm ferry back to Bellingham (way past Leigh's bed time!) 🙂

Beautiful view from Judy and John's yard:


At the bottom of  the 107 (or was it 104?) stairs to the beach where some of the crew had already built a roarin' fire:


Judy bringing an armload of blankets down in case anyone got cold:




More visiting around the fire:


I love this silhouette of Leigh:


Full moon:


It was such a fun evening and so nice of Leigh & Brian (and their friends) to give us the full Lummi Island experience! On the ferry home we learned from Leigh & Brian's friend Cash who works on the ferry, that we missed one restaurant on Lummi (a new one) called Sausburger. Damn! Next time, Lummi Island. Next time.


  1. Leslie Irish Evans Leslie Irish Evans

    Ah ha! Glad to find this. It sounded so good when you described it to me the other night! Must try.

    • You beat me to it! (I think you’ll love it!)

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